Local Ingredients


Our ice cream is made with fresh, local ingredients. We value personal relationships and community. It brings us joy as we mention my neighbor made those brownies in that scoop! My friend roasted that coffee in your Kona Mud Pie! My mom made that ganache!



Tara, the founder of Cone Appétit,  grew up in a small town outside of Grand Rapids, where she danced with her mother to Shania Twain in the kitchen while learning the joy and love behind making (and tasting) homemade meals and treats. An avid ice cream eater turned into an avid ice cream creator, and now her desire is to transform memories, places, and special people into delightful flavors.

She now lives in Grand Rapids where she drinks too much coffee with her best friends, rides her bike on the sidewalk (by accident), plays catch at Wilcox Park with her pops, and speeds to the beach any moment she can. Oh, and she still dances with her mom in the kitchen.


why exodus cry?

When I was nineteen years old, I was standing face-to-face with a woman in Paris. She was hovering on the side walk wearing bright make-up, barely clothed, tired. She was a prostitute. I could barely speak French at the time, she could barely speak English. I wanted desperately to speak to her, and all I knew to say was, “Tu es belle“. Her tear-filled eyes were darting back and forth because we were being watched by pimps. Later, I watched her as she walked away with a man who would be paying her for sex. I had many other moments like this with the women standing on the sidewalks of Paris. My 19-year-old self felt helpless, unable to snatch them all away and take them out of this slavery. But, I am not helpless. In fact, they’re not helpless either. They have you and me. And we can help.

Since the moment I saw this woman, and hundreds more like her around the city, they have not left my mind’s eye nor my heart.

Cone Appétit is driven with a mission. That mission is to abolish human trafficking. We have teamed up with an organization called Exodus Cry who is committed to end human trafficking through intervention, prevention, and holistic restoration of victims. Human trafficking is an injustice that affects millions of people every year on every continent and at all socioeconomic levels. Human trafficking is a highly-organized and lucrative business, generating 150 billion USD per year, 99 billion of which is generated by sex trafficking within the prostitution industry. Let’s end it. And you can take part by tasting and sharing Cone Appétit, knowing that part of the profit of every scoop goes toward ending human trafficking.

Learn more about Exodus Cry and their fight against human trafficking at www.exoduscry.com 




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